Touchdown to Your Goal

Football season is in full swing. Throw on a jersey, put down the beer, and get ready to put in work just like your favorite team is. A football game is a great opportunity to get a workout in. Follow the guidelines below to get moving. Pick a good team because the harder they work, you will too! Touchdown = 10 pushups Field goal = (made) 10 jump squats (miss) 15 jump squats Flag on the field = 15 crunches Loss of yards = Lunges for the number of yards lost Fumble = 15 tricep dips Game point = number of burpees for the score of your team every time a team scores Beer commercial = plank for the entire commercial. Hydrate when done (; Want to advance a move? Add weights! Dumbbells, books, or canned goods can act as weights. Invite friends of the opposing team for a friendly competition or the same for a workout buddy. Most importantly, gather around and have fun!