Happy Clients

Andrew Miller

Working with a personal trainer has been better than I ever expected. You get the motivation and push to do better, but also get to learn a lot about new moves, proper techniques, and overall good health. It has really ramped up my weight loss & strength training, and just makes me excited about being fit for the first time in my life. I can't recommend it enough.

Kim M.

I have been going to iGYM for 16 months due to my doctor's recommendations. I have had back surgery, rods down my spine, and a degenerate spine. I have decided to do personal training at the gym and it has helped immensely. The sessions I have had helped improve my health and help the pain reduce. I highly recommend personal training for anyone!

Jamie Garringer

I have been working with an iGym personal trainer for over a year now and couldn't be happier with the results and experience. The trainers work around my schedule and tailor the workout to fit my fitness goals. They are always encouraging and push me to do as much as I can, but never past my comfort level. I've definitely become stronger since the beginning and look forward to every session. Highly recommend signing up!

Ian Miller

Excellent value gym. They have lots of the most popular equipment, so there generally isn't a wait to use equipment except during the busiest times. It's clean, staff is friendly. Understand that they use a third party service to collect fees and dues, so issues you might experience with payments or charges reflect more on that company and not this gym. I definitely recommend iGym.

Brian Knaup

What a great place to work out! I've tried everything out there and this is what I've looked for: great staff, great equipment (both the cardio & strength equipment ROCK!), clean and cheap! And now, they have a 2nd location! I don't need 24 hrs and they let you use The MAC facilities on Sunday, so I'm all set. If you're looking for the best bang for your buck, look no further. And for what it's worth, I had no issues cancelling my membership last year (was injured), then signing up again.

Breonnah Kay Dull

Igym is one of the best gyms that I have been to. I work close by which makes it convenient, and they are building another! :) All of the machines are brand new. Also all of the equipment is state of the art and very clean. They have many trainers who are well qualified and work very hard to train people to their specific needs. Very affordable and absolutely the best staff that you will ever meet in a gym. The classes are also a great bonus as well!

Kevin Urquidez

This gym is perfect. The environment is exactly what I was looking for in a gym with Wi-Fi!!! I can just plug in my ear buds and push some iron. The app is amazing too if you need a way to track your workouts. If you like to do your own thing and not feel self conscious about it this is the place. I see all types here and no one ever seems to be unhappy. Get fit!!!!

Andrew Cairy

Great place to enjoy working out. Great variety of available free weights, weight ranges, equipment styles for every muscle and a well laid out cardio section including a surprising number of different cardio machines. VIP membership comes with an awesome discount on the things iGYM sells and its great that VIP lets me bring a guest for free!!! Not something typical of most gyms. iGYM has a friendly , inviting staff that welcomes you at the door and clientele of a variety of ages and levels of fitness.

Bryan Abney

I love this gym not only because it is the best value in town but it cultivates a close knit community comprises of all fitness levels! This is a testament to the friendly and professional staff that takes time to get know each of the members.

Jason Daniels

Very affordable cost of membership, especially with the wide variety of equipment available. The facilities are always very clean and the staff is very welcoming and friendly. It isn't super big, but the layout is really great-- lots of cardio machines along with a good amount of space for free weights. Definitely a fan of what IGym offers!

Jess Jensen

We absolutely love this gym! It is a comfortable environment to work out in, the facilities are great and so are the staff! The classes that you get as a VIP member are great as well I highly recommend taking advantage of the different classes!

Lovar Davis Kidd

iGym is a great gym with top of the line equipment, a friendly staff, and great weekday hours. Also, you can't beat the price at any other gym on the NE side!

Ashley Harvey

This is a great facility with an amazing staff! The hours and services offered are great and flexible to fit anybody's schedule. I would highly recommend this gym to anybody!

Jordan Boulard

I love coming to the Igym. The staff is super friendly and welcoming. I don't feel uncomfortable when I work out because the staff treat everybody the same when they walk through the door. The pricing is perfect for all it has to offer! I couldn't be happier with my decision to support a local business!

Josh Broome

Incredibly clean, modern, and positive facility. Travis, Lynn, and the rest of the staff are personable and are always helpful. The equipment is always organized and clean along with the bathrooms are kept pristine as well.