Top 3 Holiday Fit Tips

Author Nicole Murphy CPT In a couple of weeks, the holidays will be upon us and so will be the time of the year where people tend to put their goals on the backburner. It can be a tricky time of the year, but with these Holiday fit tips, it can be made easier! Tip #1 Start with a Clear Mindset Eating 100% clean during the holidays is not always an option people go for, and that’s okay. Having a cookie or small splurge will not ruin everything you’ve worked hard for. Notice the keyword “small splurge”. If one cookie turns into everything but the kitchen sink, that’s where it starts to be a setback. Pay attention to portion sizes and keep track of everything that you are consuming, just like it is a regular day. Tip #2 Walk as Much as Possible Roughly, a person burns at least 100 calories per mile that is walked. This can be done while shopping, going for a trail walk with the family, etc. Once a person makes a decision to do one active thing, they are more likely to stay in the habit and do more.  There have been studies done that show taking a walk after meals aid in faster digestion and more controlled blood sugars. Tip #3 Schedule Efficient Workouts When time becomes limited it is important to schedule breaks to put your health first and get a workout in. If a time slot is already put aside, you are more likely to go through with the plan. Along with this, make your workout as efficient as possible. If you only have 30 minutes, then use those 30 minutes to get the best workout in you can! Doing HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a great option. An example of this is 8 sprint- 30 secs of running with full intensity, followed by 1 minute 30 seconds of walking recovery time. Repeat this for 8 intervals. The holidays are a great time to spend with loved ones, so share these tips and get them on board too! A healthy life equals a happy life!