Things I have learned since starting my fitness journey

Author Nicole Murphy CPT   Trying out something new comes along with a thousand unanswered questions. Therefore, it can be nerve-racking to start, but trust me it is worth it. To help I have compiled a list of 5 things that I learned since starting my fitness journey.  

  1. You will be sore, but it gets better

I remember vividly my first day after working out. I laid in bed looking up at the ceiling thinking “wow, what have I got myself into?”. The first couple of weeks will tend to leave you more sore than usual, but the good news is your body will adapt. In the beginning, your muscles are being used in ways they have not been before. During this process, your muscles get micro tears, which creates the sore feeling. Don’t worry though! This is the body’s way of recovering and building stronger muscles.  

  1. There will be off days

I wish I could say that you will wake up every day having the energy of a 5-year-old who just ate a bag of candy, but that’s not true. Some days will feel slower, but those are the days that will test your discipline. Any workout is better than no workout. If this continues, it would be a good time to reevaluate your diet, and recovery plan.  

  1. No one is staring or judging you

Being in an unfamiliar environment can be intimidating. New equipment, new people, new layout, etc. No one knows that you are new to the workout scene unless you tell them, so don’t be afraid. Everyone has a starting point.  

  1. Get advice

This goes off the last point. Getting advice can give you the confidence to go through a workout with no worries. Consult a personal trainer, ask customer service desk or even a fellow gym member. It doesn’t matter how advanced you are you can always learn from someone else. Learn what style of working out is best for your goals, and what type you enjoy the most- everyone will be different. Just because one person is doing it, it doesn’t mean it will be right for you! If you have any special conditions or injuries make sure to consult a doctor and/or work with a trainer.  

  1. Plan ahead

Walk in with a game plan. Having a solid plan beforehand lessens the stress, and makes sure you’re making the most out of the time in the gym. It can be as simple as answering the questions below: -What type of workout? (Cardio, weights, or both?) -What muscle groups? (Upper, lower, total body, etc.) -What exercises work the specified area listed above?   If I could emphasize a point the most it would be- stay consistent and be patient. Anything good in life takes time- Rome wasn’t built in a day. Once exercise becomes a routine it will feel easier and becomes a habit. Working out isn’t temporary, it’s a part of a healthy lifestyle. So, unless you want to be just temporarily healthy, make it a part of your lifestyle.